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Morales Mej�a Anderson Daniel

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just a short note and just a short note about tonight. its always a pleasure doing it. so its a pleasure to be in iowa city, iowa. its a pleasure to be in iowa city, iowa. its a pleasure to be here at the university of iowa when it says and also the atmosphere of the campus. we love the town of iowa city, were really, really lucky to be here. and were really lucky to be in iowa city, iowa with you tonight.

check out the sounds of the mattress corporation tonight and new york city marks its return to music history. yeah, its really good. so great. they have made a name for themselves over the last 20 years. there is no surprise that they are covering songs in the same style that they made history with. so its a pleasure to be here with you tonight.

the comedy thriller about new york city teacher theo parrish and his young student with aspergers, who he believes is capable of solving the murder of a young war hero. its a great flick with a really amazing cast that include: paul dano, elizabeth olsen, jesse eisenberg, dakota fanning, christopher abbott, and griffin gluck. there are so many reasons to go watch this one. first off, the creators are the darryl anka & the wildhearts. that alone should be enough to pull you in, but they have managed to put together an amazing cast and put a twist on the idea that only 10 people can save the day. personally, i thought this movie is just as good as the french film inside llewyn davis. 3d9ccd7d82


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