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[S1E5] Ripped Pants _TOP_

SpongeBob continues to find ways to get the attention of others, settling on taking his pants completely off instead of ripping them again. He then does so, but nobody is even nearby to pay attention.

[S1E5] Ripped Pants

The episode begins with SpongeBob and Sandy having a good time at Goo Lagoon. A lobster named Larry comes by and asks them if they want to do some weights. They accept, despite SpongeBob not being in the mood to do weights. Larry and Sandy do several impressive weight stunts, while SpongeBob tries to pick up a stick. When SpongeBob strains to pick up a stick with two marshmallows on the sides, he accidentally rips his pants.

This causes everyone to laugh, prompting SpongeBob to continue making ripped pants jokes. After a while, though, SpongeBob's ripped pants jokes start to annoy the people in Goo Lagoon. At some point, SpongeBob fakes himself drowning in order to make a ripped pants joke, but this proves to be too far, as it causes everyone, most importantly Sandy, to get disgusted with SpongeBob and continue playing without him.

SpongeBob tries to figure out more ripped pants jokes as the last one did not work but realizes nobody is paying attention to him, and tears off his pants during the course of one of these jokes. The pair of pants suddenly takes on a personality and deserts SpongeBob as well. He sees some other people who make big mistakes. SpongeBob decides to sing a song about how he lost his friends due to ripping his pants. Sandy forgives SpongeBob for what he did, and he rips his underwear while signing Larry's shorts, making him embarrassed and ending the episode shortly after.

Steven is searching for his pants when Pearl comes in, searching for a Gem Shard. She warns Steven that the shard is dangerous and can possess clothing garments, turning them into violent living entities. Steven is distracted by his missing pants and hears little of her explanation. She tells him to be on the lookout for the Gem Shard and heads out to search the town.After Pearl leaves, Steven finds his pants walking on their own, exclaiming "That's unusual!" and chases after his pants throughout the house. Eventually, Steven catches his pants after tackling them, puts them on, and finds one of the gem shards Pearl is looking for inside a pocket. Steven then leaves the temple in search of Pearl to give her the gem shard.

While Peedee rushes to his father, Frybo emerges from the fry shop with Pearl's weapon protruding from its eye. Peedee stands between Frybo and his father and tries to defend him by swinging a broken wooden plank at Frybo. In the process, he reveals his true feelings about always hating Frybo just as his dad regains consciousness. Frybo then disarms Peedee, who falls back into his father's arms as Mr. Fryman tries to shield him from the approaching Frybo. Steven's pants are seen leaping onto Frybo and kicking him. Steven has taken all of his clothes off and used each of the shards to bring them to life. Steven commands his clothes to attack Frybo as he tries to remove Frybo's shard but fails.

The next day at the lobby, Bummer tells Johnny that he doesn't smile enough and that he should. The two kids walk up to Bummer and pull his pants down while Johnny is still smiling, uncomfortably. Bummer pulls his pant back up and tells the kids to "torture the nice mascot for a change". Mark and Todd chase after Wipeout and tie him to a golf cart and drive around the lobby. They crash into the front desk and Bummer looks angrily at Johnny, who is still smiling uncomfortably.

In "Boyz Crazy," Robbie didn't show for a date he had planned with Wendy, then comes into the Shack the next day and asks if she'd like to go to Lookout Point with him, to which she reacts angrily. She begins talking about breaking up with him, and, panicked, he takes out a CD of a song he claims to have written just for her, and plays it for her. She is willing to go with him after this and is happy. Dipper, however, is suspicious and ends up finding a hidden message in the song and playing it for Wendy and Robbie on their date. Robbie immediately tells Wendy that he had no idea that message was there and tries to say he ripped the song off from the other band anyways, thinking that will fix the problem. Instead, she becomes even more furious that Robbie gave her a song that was ripped off since he told her that he created the song for her, and she angrily breaks up with him on the spot causing Robbie to become hurt.

I've seen some folks lamenting that Chainsaw Man wasn't the anime they expected based on all of the hype, but I hope by now they've come to realize that it might just be even better than the version of CSM that got built up in their minds by all of the trailers and fanart. This is a show that is just as good at being horny-yet-somehow-elevated trash art as it is at being a masterfully macabre splatterfest, and it's still a great time when its dick and its chainsaws have been tucked firmly into their proverbial pants/arm holes. It's a good-ass story, plain and simple, and it's one of the best looking and sounding good-ass stories to grace our screens in quite some time is icing on the cake. 041b061a72


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