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Wasabi Download Movies \/\/TOP\\\\

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Mixing strange flavors may not always seem like the best idea, but the Wasabi Farm in Azumino server a unique ice-cream using their main produce for this light-green dessert. Enjoy a culinary experience that blends the popular sushi garnish with a beloved favorite while at the Wasabi Farm, and be sure to snap a picture in case your friends don't believe you. While the sharp flavors of wasabi may not seem to be the perfect ice-cream flavor, the unique tangy and tart flavors of the Azumino Wasabi Farm's wasabi ice-cream is a flavor you won't find in all Japan. In addition to wasabi ice cream, the farm also serves other wasabi-infused dishes and desserts, from the more traditional options like tempura, curry, and noodles along with unconventional hybrids like wasabi wine, beer, and chocolates. Once you finish your wasabi ice cream, be sure to wash it down with some wasabi juice!Feeling adventurous Experiment with new flavors at the Azumino Wasabi Farm during Japan Deluxe Tour's fully-guided line of Taayama Hidden Villages & Takayama Festival Japan Tours & Vacation Packages available in the Spring or Autumn!

Green peas, canola oil, rice wasabi ranch seasoning (cultured nonfat milk, salt, milk, maltodextrin, sugar, tomato powder, onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavors [including mustard], yeast extract, natural flavors [pasteurized milk, cultures, salt, enzymes], white distilled vinegar powder, dehydrated parsley, chili pepper, spice, citric acid, lactic acid, whey, wasabi powder), calcium carbonate, vitamin c (ascorbyl palmitate [for freshness]).

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