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By default, NVDA employs automatic port detection, which means the connection with the braille device will be established automatically by scanning for available USB and bluetooth devices on your system.However, for some braille displays, you may be able to explicitly choose what port should be used.Common options are "Automatic" (which tells NVDA to employ the default automatic port selection procedure), "USB", "Bluetooth" and legacy serial communication ports if your braille display supports this type of communication.

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Settings for NVDA when running during sign-in or on UAC screens are stored in the systemConfig directory in NVDA's installation directory.Usually, this configuration should not be touched.To change NVDA's configuration during sign-in or on UAC screens, configure NVDA as you wish while signed into Windows, save the configuration, and then press the "use currently saved settings during sign-in and on secure screens" button in the General category of the NVDA Settings dialog.

Note that these displays can only be connected via a serial port.Due to this, these displays do not support NVDA's automatic background braille display detection functionality.You should select the port to which the display is connected after you have chosen this driver in the Select Braille Display dialog.

If your device supports more than one type of connection, when connecting your BrailleNote to NVDA, you must set the braille terminal port in braille terminal options.Please check the BrailleNote manual for details.In NVDA, you may also need to set the port in the Select Braille Display dialog.If you are connecting via USB or bluetooth, you can set the port to "Automatic", "USB" or "Bluetooth", depending on the available choices.If connecting using a legacy serial port (or a USB to serial converter) or if none of the previous options appear, you must explicitly choose the communication port to be used from the list of hardware ports.

In NVDA, you can set the serial port to which the display is connected in the Select Braille Display dialog.These displays do not support NVDA's automatic background braille display detection functionality.

The SuperBraille device, mostly available in Taiwan, can be connected to by either USB or serial.As the SuperBraille does not have any physical typing keys or scrolling buttons, all input must be performed via a standard computer keyboard.Due to this, and to maintain compatibility with other screen readers in Taiwan, two key bindings for scrolling the braille display have been provided:

The Esys, Esytime and Iris displays from Eurobraille are supported by NVDA.Esys and Esytime-Evo devices are supported when connected via USB or bluetooth.Older Esytime devices only support USB.Iris displays can only be connected via a serial port.Therefore, for these displays, you should select the port to which the display is connected after you have chosen this driver in the Braille Settings dialog.

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