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Morales Mej�a Anderson Daniel
Morales Mej�a Anderson Daniel

Xcom 2 Soldier Editor 2021

Xcom 2 Soldier Editor ->>->>->>

This mod is intended to give the player the choice to enjoy XCOM 2 without spending heavily on items, but if you want to spend your hard earned cash, you can upgrade to maximum gear now, but this may cost you the game!

Edits also apply to other elements of the game - whether human or alien. For example, the damage taken on the Avatar's laser is set at 13% more than the amount taken on the Avenger's laser if they are switched to the "Mod" or "Universal" setting. Likewise, the damage taken on the soldier is set at the modifier to the Avenger's damage type, the Avenger's damage type is set at a modifier to the soldier's arm, the soldier's arm is set at a modifier to his torso, and so forth.

To see how to change soldier health values, youll need to get into the cells of the XCOM2Soldier.xml file. Its really easy, just open the file in Notepad++ (installation instructions) and find the health data in the following format:

First we have a default health value (SOLDIER_HEALTH_DEFAULT), which is always automatically set to 100. This can be overridden by the first five values in the cells. The first value is the initial health for the soldier, which defaults to 100. The second value is how many units the soldier has (unlimited for the Drone from the base). The third value is how many wound the soldier has (2 on the Drone). The next four values are how wounded a soldier is when moving and how much they can still move. The units stored here will be subtracted from their total number of units (so a soldier that is wounded can still move, but only halfway), and they are only calculated after every turn. The last value is the maximum distance that a wounded soldier can move before reaching the limit of their ability. The best example of this is the Engineer, whose Healing Spray is an AoE healing ability. If an Engineer is in the middle of a 5X turn and moves to half of their range, and the turn ends. They can move only 5% of their remaining range. However, the next turn the Engineer has a full 5X turn to recover. 3d9ccd7d82


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