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Girish Ahuja Income Tax Book: How to Master the Concepts and Principles of Income Tax

This book covers the major aspects of the tax laws from the year 1998 till present under the Income tax Act, 1961. This text discusses about the provisions of different sections of the Act and its important amendments. It covers the income tax acts and income tax rulings from various States of India. Moreover, it includes the provisions of Income tax Acts of various countries including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and United Kingdom.

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This book is very rare and useful for those who are interested in tax laws of various countries. This book covers the income tax acts that are most relevant to the current year of assessment, and it also includes the details of the amendments made to the tax laws.

The most effective income tax books provide a complete guide to the Income Tax Act. This book will help you to get the best learning of it. You will be able to implement tax management through reading this book.

After the inceptions of this book, the Tax Administration Act is so easy to understand. It can save a lot of your income tax books from the dust. It will help you gain more understanding of Income Tax concepts.

It will help you to get the best exposure of Income Tax in a simplified manner. Hence, if you want to manage the money well in the tax department, then you must learn tax law well. With the help of this book, you will gain proper understanding of the tax rules.

This book presents an in-depth look into the Income Tax rules in India. The authors take the reader through various practical issues related to Income Tax, such as penalty assessments for the violation of certain income tax provisions, advance settlements of liability in the form of income tax bonds, computations of profits and losses, and payment of levy on interest receivables.


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