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The King President flying across the universe carrying 3 togges on his back.Togges is a Collect-a-Thon Platformer heavily inspired by Super Mario Galaxy and Katamari Damacy, with world design that in many ways resembles the former and certain aesthetics choices reminiscent of the latter. It was developed by the indie developer Regular Studio and published by Thunderful Publishing, released on 7 Decemeber 2022, available on PC and consoles.


You play as a newly hired intern under King President of the Universe, just as the void started creeping in and likely threatened to erase everything in the universe. Then you and the togges set out on a journey, under the leadership of the King President, to save the universe. And then you will help the King President conquer it, or something.

  • The gameplay is more about solving puzzles than precise platforming. You have the ability to spread or erase togges - togges are those cute little cubes that come in various colors. For the most part, you can only create a new togge if It is near already existing one(s) that have the same color as it, or

  • You are near certain designated locations within the level note To be precise, you can create new togges from already obtained fruits or certain checkpoints.

Almost all meaningful actions require you to spread those little cubes. For example, collecting a fruit (i.e., the main collectible in this game) requires you to stack 3 togges on top of it. Thus, most of the time, the gameplay revolves around the player trying to figure out how to spread the togges from the starting location to wherever the objective is. In most cases, this won't be immediately obvious, hence the "Puzzle" part of its "Puzzle-Platformer" classification.

  • Advancing Wall of Doom: The second phase of the Final Battle against the Empress Minister of the Voids.

  • Anti-Frustration Features: Since (1) you can erase your togges and (2) you need already existing togges to create new ones, in theory players can accidentally screw themselves over by erasing all of their togges. To prevent this, players are also allowed to create togges from already obtained fruits or certain checkpoints in the level. Both of these are indestructible.

  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: The togges come in 6 different colors. The red togges are fireproof and can be stacked up to 5-cube high.

  • The yellow togges cost twice as much as the red ones to create, but they can conduct electricity (very useful for solving many puzzles) and can be stacked up to 7-cube high.

  • The blue togges cost the same amount as the red ones, but can only be stacked up to 3-cube high. They, however, have the ability to survive in water.

  • The green togges cost 9 times as much as the red ones and can only be stacked up to 3-cube high. However, they are enormous and, when stacked on top of certain objects, can use their weight to destroy the said objects.

  • The white togges vanish a few seconds after being created, but they can be stacked infinitely high note However, due to the fact that they vanish a few seconds after being created, in practice there is still a limit as to how high you can go by stacking them. Thus, they can be used to reach locations that other togges cannot even touch.

  • The black togges cost 5 times to make as much as the red ones. Their key advantage is that they are nigh indestructible, making them crucial in certain hazard-filled environments.

  • Dark Is Evil: The void is a force consisting of clouds of darkness and threatens to erase everything in the universe, though they still join the player for a party at the end.

  • Evil Matriarch: The Empress Minister of the Voids is referred to as "mother" by her void children.

  • Floating Continent: The whole game is full of these. It makes sense, as you are supposed to be travelling across the universe, visiting different galaxies a la Super Mario Galaxy.

  • Green Hill Zone: The Togges Palace, the very first level of the game, has this look. Somewhat strangely, while this trope is typically used on early game levels, the late game level Wind Hills also has this look (albeit quite a bit windier).

  • Leitmotif: Every time you hear the soundtrack "Trio Musette" and its Waltz-like rhythm, you know the triplets (King President's 3 uncles) are nearby.

  • Level Ate: The Carrot Cake Kingdom level looks like it is made of, well, carrot cake.

  • The Lost Woods: Harv (the level itself) is even shaped somewhat like a large tree.

  • King of All Cosmos: The King President bears more than a passing resemblance to the King of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy, both being wacky older guys who serve as the God of their respective universe and oversee the player's actions. The King President does try a bit harder to be serious than his counterpart, though.

  • Medieval European Fantasy: The aesthetics of the Medieval Moon level. The Carrot Cake Kingdom, being ruled by a princess and all, also has this aesthetics to a lesser extent.

  • Metropolis Level: The Radio Savannah.

  • The Sacred Darkness: Ultimately, the Empress Minister of the Voids and her children are this. After all, both the force of creation (which the Togges embody) and that of destruction (which the void embodies) are necessary for the balance of the universe.

  • Under the Sea: Downplayed for the Carrot Cake Kingdom level. This level is far from being a full-on aquatic level, but it does have significantly more water than all the other levels and features quite a lot of puzzles that involve adjusting water levels.

  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: The Endless Wall. The moment you enter the level, you are hit with gloomy, menacing music (in stark contrast to the previous levels, which are all cheerful and light-hearted) that basically screams "yes, you are heading towards the Final Battle".

For more platformer fun, check out Frogun and Pile Up. Tags3D platformer Adventure Game Indie developer Open World Puzzle Game"@context":"http:\/\/","@type":"Article","dateCreated":"2023-03-16T07:36:19+00:00","datePublished":"2023-03-16T07:36:19+00:00","dateModified":"2023-03-16T07:36:20+00:00","headline":"Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure in Togges","name":"Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure in Togges","keywords":"3D platformer,Adventure Game,Indie developer,Open World,Puzzle Game","url":"https:\/\/\/embark-on-an-unforgettable-adventure-in-togges\/","description":"A Combination of New and Familiar Jump into the fantastic world of Togges, where an endless wall keeps the known universe safe from the dangers of the unknown. The leaders of each domain maintain the","copyrightYear":"2023","articleSection":"Indie Highlight","articleBody":"\nA Combination of New and Familiar \n\n\n\nJump into the fantastic world of Togges, where an endless wall keeps the known universe safe from the dangers of the unknown. The leaders of each domain maintain the balance, and the King protects all of existence. \n\n\n\nIt\u2019s your job to solve puzzles and use the living blocks, called Togges, to do so. Spread and stack the Togges around the vibrant world to keep the threat of the void at bay and save the galaxy. Complete 7 massive levels, but take your time. There\u2019s so much to discover and look at in the world. You\u2019ll discover a futuristic city in the Savannah, and explore the whole kingdom that\u2019s made out of carrot cake. There\u2019s no lack of interesting and fun things to find in Togges. Make friends all around the cosmos as you adventure, too. Each character has a unique story for you to listen to, packed with humor. \n\n\n\nAlong with the 7 main levels, Togges has 30 bonus levels for you to puzzle through. Use the different abilities of the different colored Togges to solve puzzles, as well as find all sorts of collectibles. This game takes inspiration from fan favorites like Katamari, Pikmin, and Super Mario Galaxy, and boasts about being a revival of the golden era 3D platformers, so it\u2019s sure to be packed with loads of fun.\n\n\n\nAvailable Now! \n\n\n\nThis colorful and beautifully designed game is available pretty much everywhere now! You can find Togges on Steam (where it\u2019s on sale until March 23rd!), Epic Games, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox. \n\n\n\n\nhttps:\/\/\/watch?v=FOBtxpLuJ6Q\n\n\n\n\nFor more platformer fun, check out Frogun and Pile Up.\n","publisher":"@id":"#Publisher","@type":"Organization","name":"myPotatoGames","logo":"@type":"ImageObject","url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/01\/mpg_henry_logo.png","sameAs":["https:\/\/\/myPotatoGames","https:\/\/\/myPotatoGames","https:\/\/\/myPotatoGames"],"sourceOrganization":"@id":"#Publisher","copyrightHolder":"@id":"#Publisher","mainEntityOfPage":"@type":"WebPage","@id":"https:\/\/\/embark-on-an-unforgettable-adventure-in-togges\/","breadcrumb":"@id":"#Breadcrumb","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Chelsea","url":"https:\/\/\/author\/chelsea\/","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2023\/03\/Screen_Library.png","width":1920,"height":1080 Facebook Twitter Reddit ChelseaI'm just a girl with a love for traveling, video games, books, and writing. My favorite games are Stardew Valley and Wylde Flowers. I also enjoy spending my time with my significant other and our cat, Charlie, and going to concerts. You can find me on Twitter @PlanetHauth where I interact with game devs and other metal fans! Twitter Leave a Reply Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment. 041b061a72


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