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2pac When We Ride On Our Enemies


2pac When We Ride On Our Enemies

Fugees! Fugees and Mobb Deep tryin to diss now too huh?Hahaha! Well I ain't prejudiced, I don't give a fuckThis is what it sounds like - when we ride on our enemiesBEYOTCH! When we ride on our enemies

[Verse One]HEYYYY! Got some static for some niggaz on the other side of townLet my little cousin K roll, he's a rider nowWhat they want from us motherfuckin thug niggaz?Used to love niggaz now I plug niggaz, and slug niggazAm I wrong? Niggaz makin songs, tryin to get with usMust be gone on stress weed, in the West we trustTo the chest I BUST! Then we ride 'til the sun comeshinin back to brighten up the sky, many dieHeard the Fugees was tryin to do me - look bitch!I cut yo' face, this ain't no motherfuckin movieTHEN! We watch the other two die slowCastrated entertainin at my motherfuckin sideshowBAM! Set my plan in mo', time to exterminate my foesI can't stand you hoes, uhhNow label this my fuckin trick shotMy lyrics runnin all you cowards out of hip-hopWhen we RIDE - on our enemies

[Verse Two]Come take a journey through my mind's eyeYou crossed the game, don't explain, nigga time to die, say goodbyeWatch my eyes when I pull the triggerSo right before you die you bow before a bigga nigga, now dry yo' eyesYou was HEARTLESS on yo' hitsNiggaz love to scream peace after they start some shit - pay attentionHere's a word to those that robbed meI murder you then I, run a train on Mobb Deep! Don't fuck with meNigga you're barely livin, don't you got sickle cell?See me have a seizure on stage, you ain't feelin well, hellHow many niggaz wanna be involved?See I was only talkin to Biggie, but I'll kill allay'all, then ballThen tell Da Brat to keep her mouth closedFuck around and get tossed up, by the fuckin OutlawzBefore I leave, make sure everybody HEARDKnow I meant, EVERY MOTHERFUCKIN WORDWhen we ride on our enemies 781b155fdc


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