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[S3E5] Kill Team Kill

A US Special Forces team encounters a genetically engineered grizzly bear in the mountains. An ultimate killing machine, the team of soldiers may need more than just their humor and guns to take the monster down.

[S3E5] Kill Team Kill

After the death of some of the squad at the hands of the Barghest, Sergeant Morris led the other three remaining soldiers to a secret CIA base in the mountains that is home to some of the most dangerous CIA experiments and weaponry. Upon entering the base it was revealed that the Barghest had killed all of the soldiers inside, leaving only Sergeants Morris and Nielsen, and Privates Folen and Macy to fight the cybernetic monstrosity.

And so, it appears that even the last two surviving members of the special forces team are killed in the end. The episode centers around the theme of the cybernetic creature being virtually indestructible. Therefore, even though the soldiers seemingly succeed in killing it, it is the creature that has the last laugh.

Since the CIA seems to have imbibed their experiment with every form of weapons technology available, the modified grizzly bear has a few tricks up its sleeve even after being defeated. The eye that contains a powerful explosive is likely designed to kill whoever manages to take down the grizzly, and in this case, it happens to be the US special forces soldiers who are the victims.

The ironic punchline of the episode is that the soldiers, including Morris, are killed by a creature that was created to help them. The failed experiment cybernetic grizzly is finally killed, but it looks like it takes down the entire team that was responsible for it. This is hinted at when Morris reveals that the creature tore apart the rest of his team after they lost control of it.

Prior to her mother, the two people closest to Villanelle that she attacked were Eve and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), but she was not successful in killing them, nor did she have the innate connection to them that she did with her mother. After killing her mother, Villanelle hopped a train and, once again, got visibly emotional from her experience.

US Special Forces operatives Sergeant Nielsen and Privates Folen, Coutts, Macy, and Erwin make their way across a mountain range to reconvene with the rest of their platoon, only to find them gruesomely torn apart in a forest. A cybernetic bear leaps out of the woods to attack them, impervious to bullets and blades, and kills Coutts and Erwin. It is only repelled by the timely arrival of a soldier who introduces himself as Sergeant Morris. He had been stationed at a secret subterranean base, and the bear (codenamed "Project Barghest") used to go on patrols with the soldiers before it turned against them. The Barghest - which the team constantly refer to as a "honey badger" - is a genetically engineering grizzly bear, with anti-personnel titanium talons, diamond carbine canines, and is wrapped in ballistic resistance gel.

Morris takes the remaining three soldiers to his base only to find its occupants have been killed by Barghest. Eager to put the bear down, the men restock in the armory (where they are introduced to MAARS-Bot, which Macy befriends), and hole up before calling Barghest toward their location. It bursts through the wall behind them, killing Morris. The soldiers manage to strip its projective skin away and it apparently powers down, only to maim Folen when he approaches it to gloat. After separating its upper body from its lower half, Nielsen finally defeats Barghest by hammering at its skull with a rocket launcher.

As he bleeds out, Folen asks Nielsen to tell his wife that he had an affair with her sister. Shortly after Folen dies, the motionless bear's eye detonates in an enormous blast, destroying the subterranean base and killing Nielsen and Macy.

Is Queen Maeve dead after The Boys season 3, episode 5 after her encounter with Homelander? As one of the original members of The Seven, Queen Maeve has had a prominent role in Amazon's live-action show The Boys. Her character took a big turn at the end of The Boys season 2, though, as she helped blackmail Homelander. This set Maeve up to work with Billy Butcher and The Boys to kill Homelander.

The Boys season 3 completely turned Maeve against Homelander, as she's continued to supply Butcher with leads and samples of Temp-V. It was thanks to her that Butcher and his team began searching for a weapon capable of killing Homelander, which eventually lead them to Soldier Boy. And while the world believes Maeve to be constantly drunk and having stopped training, she has actually been sober for months and preparing for the inevitable fight with Homelander.

The show does not confirm if Maeve is alive or dead at this point in The Boys season 3 story. The official response from Vought's new CEO is that she relapsed and was sent to a Global Wellness Center. Since the therapy center is often used to help cover up some of Vought's dirty secrets, it is possible Maeve's death will be the latest example. It is also worth remembering that Homelander killing Supersonic was covered up by Vought as a relapse, so Maeve could be next.

It would be a bit surprising if Maeve died in The Boys season 3 in this fashion, though. She is a major character in the show, so to kill her off-screen and from a sneak attack by Black Noir and Homelander would be quite disappointing. For that reason, Maeve very well might still be alive and at a Global Wellness Center. With theories suggesting this will be the location for Herogasm, The Boys season 3 could make Maeve part of the twisted event, with her possible death coming sometime after.

Even if Maeve survived The Boys season 3, episode 5, that does not mean she won't die at Homelander's hands later in the season. The show has already begun teasing Queen Maeve's death, and it could play out similarly to the comics. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comics saw Homelander kill Maeve after she helped protect Starlight. Queen Maeve died when Homelander ripped her head off. It was a shocking and sudden ending for the character's arc in the comics, but The Boys season 3 could pull off a similar moment.

He would have killed his team members had Agent Odell not shown up in time to stop him. Granted, the officers started all of the fights, but Painkiller needs only one touch to incapacitate everyone. He did it with the officer, and he successfully did it this time with Tavon.

While the heroes lost the advantage of sneaking people out of Freeland, they at least know now about his toxic ability. Blackbird, Black Lightning, and Gambi were unprepared for Painkiller's toxin, but the encounter will prep them for the next time.

Plus, after how his organization killed one of her friends, it's clear they show little regard to anyone with or without powers. With Randy coming clean to her about his powers, she has to start thinking rationally and the best options for all her friends and family.

Stripe is rewarded with an erotic dream following his kills, but his MASS glitches during it. After further malfunctions the following day, Stripe has his MASS tested and consults a psychologist, Arquette (Michael Kelly), but neither visit reveals any problems.

The next day, Medina, Stripe and Hunter arrive at an abandoned housing complex. After a roach-sniper suddenly kills Medina, the other two soldiers enter the building as the sniper shoots at them. Stripe encounters a woman and urges her to flee, but Hunter shoots her dead. Stripe finds another woman (Ariane Labed) with her child, and Hunter prepares to shoot them. Stripe intervenes and wrestles Hunter, knocking her unconscious as she shoots him in the stomach. Stripe gets up and escapes with the mother and son.

They reach a cave in the woods where the woman, named Catarina, explains that the MASS implant alters soldiers' senses to show people of her ethnic group as inhuman "roaches". They are victims of a genocide justified by the military as genetic cleansing. While laypeople see the group as they are, they treat them as inferior due to propaganda. Hunter arrives and kills Catarina and her son Alec, then knocks Stripe unconscious.

Stripe awakens in a cell, where Arquette apologises for his MASS glitch, caused by the LED device. Arquette reveals that MASS alters soldiers' senses so they can kill without hesitation or remorse, and that Stripe consented to this when he enlisted before having his memory wiped. Stripe has the choice to allow his MASS and memory to be reset, or to be imprisoned. Arquette forces Stripe to rewatch the sensory feed of his farmhouse raid, where he now sees himself gruesomely killing people.

The title of the episode comes from Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall's book Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command (1947), wherein Marshall claims that during World War II, over 70% of soldiers did not fire their rifles, even under immediate threat, and most of those who fired aimed above the enemy's head.[9] A similar statement is made during one of Arquette's dialogues in the episode.[10] TheWrap later reported that there have been suggestions that Marshall's claim is incorrect.[11] For research, Brooker also read Dave Grossman's book On Killing, which is about the psychology of killing and based on Marshall's work.[12][10] He initially wrote Arquette as more "stuffy", though his character was always intended to be sympathetic. He is a father figure to some of the soldiers, and thinks his actions are good.[1]

Before Jones can lay a hand on Kyle or Liz, Isobel stops him and reveals he murdered Zeke. He doesn't deny this, saying Zeke was terrible and he needed to do something to get Max to let him help and heal him. By killing Zeke, this gave Jones the energy he needed to save Kyle, Max and Liz.

The USS Enterprise-D encounters a planet that appears to be uninhabited. Captain Picard sends an away team to investigate, led by Worf. Picard learns from Data that the planet was once inhabited by a race called the Koinonians, but due to a destructive war, every last person on the planet was annihilated; the civilization seems to have killed itself off. 041b061a72


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