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Manual Winols Portugues

Manual Winols Portugues: A Guide to Tuning Your Car with WinOLS

WinOLS is a software that allows you to edit and tune the engine maps of your car. With WinOLS, you can optimize the performance, fuel consumption, emissions, and other parameters of your engine. You can also modify the maps to suit your personal preferences and needs.

Download File:

However, WinOLS is not a simple software that anyone can use. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience in engine tuning and map editing. You also need to have the right hardware and tools to connect your car's ECU (Engine Control Unit) to your computer and read and write the maps.

That's why we have created this manual in Portuguese, based on the original instruction manual of WinOLS 1.222 (Version from 10.3.2005) , but updated with new information and screenshots. We also included tips and tricks from experienced tuners who have used WinOLS for years.

In this manual, you will learn:

  • How to install and register WinOLS on your computer.

  • How to change the language of WinOLS to Portuguese.

  • How to use checksums to verify the integrity of the maps.

  • How to create and manage projects in WinOLS.

  • How to open, compare, edit, and save maps in WinOLS.

  • How to use the main features and functions of WinOLS, such as search, 2D/3D view, correction, rescaling, map recognition, etc.

  • How to use plugins and scripts to enhance the functionality of WinOLS.

  • How to troubleshoot common problems and errors in WinOLS.

  • And much more!

If you want to learn how to tune your car with WinOLS, this manual is for you. Download it now and start your journey into the world of engine tuning!


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