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Morales Mej�a Anderson Daniel
Morales Mej�a Anderson Daniel

QuickTime 76 MPEG2 Playback Component For Windows BEST

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Now that the tape has been played on the original equipment, the VCR can be set to rewind the tape and the captured video signal can be viewed. The Rewind function of the VCR is selected to start the process and then the Play function is selected to perform the in-head calibration of the video signal. This process is performed in two stages to avoid any signal loss during the conversion to digital. The first stage of the in-head calibration is to move the VCR's heads across the tape in the same path as the original equipment and record the video signal in order to obtain an accurate linear data rate. This process is done by selecting Play, rewinding the tape and then selecting Play. The computer will start recording the video signal and the first 2 seconds of this is played back and this should provide a sufficient amount of data in order to calculate the linear data rate. The linear data rate is the input rate of the video signal in the system and the data rate should match exactly with the recorded data in the media. During playback, the system will immediately pause when the first 2 seconds of the tape is played back to obtain a full linear data rate. Next, the VCR is again selected to Play and rewinds the tape. This time, the video signal is captured and the first 20 seconds of the tape are played back. The Play function is selected again and rewinds the tape. This time, the video signal is again recorded for 20 seconds and then played back to obtain a full linear data rate. This will be repeated until the last part of the tape has been played. Once the calibration process has been completed, the individual can select Reverse to return the tape to the original position. Once the tape is returned to the original position, the VCR can be set to playback the data recorded on the tape. The settings in the VCR include the In and Out settings and the values will be adjusted to match the settings of the equipment being used to view the data. An In setting of 1 and an Out setting of 2 is the default setting in the VCR and the computer, and this will be used in the analysis of the data. The first step is to check the Sync setting and ensure that it matches the value set in the VCR. This will ensure that the sync is set for the same data rate as the equipment being used to view the data. 3d9ccd7d82


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