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Etiquette For Mistresses Book Pdf Free Download

Next to being a man of talent, a well-read man is themost agreeable in society, and no investment of moneyor time is so profitable as that spent in good, usefulbooks, and reading. A good book is a lasting companion.Truths, which it has taken years to glean, are therein atonce freely but carefully communicated. We enjoycommunion with the mind, though not with the personof the writer. Thus the humblest man may surroundhimself by the wisest and best spirits of past and presentages. No one can be solitary who possesses a book; heowns a friend that will instruct him in moments of leisureor of necessity. It is only necessary to turn open theleaves, and the fountain at once gives forth its streams.You may seek costly furniture for your homes, fancifulornaments for your mantel-pieces, and rich carpets foryour floors; but, after the absolute necessaries for ahome, give me books as at once the cheapest, and certainlythe most useful and abiding embellishments.

Etiquette For Mistresses Book Pdf Free Download



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