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The Killer Instinct

User possesses the capability that enables them to be the "ultimate killing machine". They have instincts to kill by any means and in the most effective ways possible, use anything at hand to do so and, have no mental/emotional issues or moral dilemmas either before, during or after the deed. They are, in short, cold and merciless killers. They are focused on nothing except killing their enemies and how they should do so, putting all of their efforts into making sure whatever they kill is good and dead. They can also give off a murderous aura, inducing fear into their opponents.

The Killer Instinct

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The Killer Instinct is defined as a cold, primal mentality that surges to your consciousness and turns you into a vicious self-defense practitioner. Do you have a killer instinct? Do you know how to tap into your killer instinct? Read this article and learn more about this fascinating subject.

On the other hand, the self-defense practitioner who has tapped into the deep reservoir of emotional calm and mental clarity of the killer instinct can open the gates of deadly destructiveness at will. Guided by virtue and courage, one can release a most destructive energy, free of emotions. This may sound paradoxical and extreme to some. But there is, in fact, no inherent incompatibility. The advanced combat warrior must be virtuous and yet altogether capable of unleashing a controlled explosion of viciousness and brutality.

Viciousness is another critical characteristic of the killer instinct. By viciousness I mean dangerously aggressive behavior or extreme violence. Many people will consider this the most revolting aspect of the controlled killer instinct. However, if a self-defense practitioner is to prevail in combat, he must be more vicious than his adversary. His tools and techniques must be brutal, explosive, and conclusive. At the same time, his attack must be strategically calculated to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

There are various other characteristics of the killer instinct that must not be overlooked. They include: lucid thinking, heightened situational awareness, adrenaline manipulation, physical mobilization, psychomotor control, tunnel vision, courage, tactical implementation, breath control, ability to pseudospeciate, pain tolerance and habituation to violence.

Killer Instinct is a series of video games that goes back to the glory days of arcades when the first game in the series was released in 1994. For many kids in arcades in those days, Killer Instinct truly was unlike anything else they had ever seen. Where else could one play as a werewolf or a velociraptor and fight a skeleton, a killer robot, or a man made out of fire?

Even by the standards of fighting game characters, the Killer Instinct series features an incredibly diverse array of characters that include both humans and monstrous creatures, which truly sets it apart from any other fighting game. Some of these characters are, in no particular order, a werewolf, a genetically engineered velociraptor, a monk, a killer robot, a skeleton, a femme fatale-style secret agent, a man made of fire, a boxer, a mummy, and a literal barbarian. However, most, if not all, of these characters are direct references to what was popular in movies and general popular culture at the time.

The most obvious of these are the velociraptor character, Riptor, who was made in response to the popularity of the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, and the killer robot character, Fulgore, who is an odd fusion of both The Terminator and The Predator. If this makes these characters sound like cheap cash-ins on what was popular at the time, it is entirely because they are. 350c69d7ab


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